NX 2206 brings updates for electromechanical design, mold design and manufacturing, and collaboration

Keep pace with design and productivity of increasingly complex smart and connected products.

The rise in demand for smart, connected products with more personalization has been a challenge for many industries. As complexity increases, design requirements increase and bring on new challenges. With Continuous Release, the June 2022 release of NX has new features to help you collaborate more easily, increase productivity and embrace electromechanical complexity all in a secure environment.

NX 2206 benefits

In this video, you will learn about how the updates within NX 2206 benefit:

  • Integrated electromechanical design
  • Collaborative mold procurement
  • Seamless manufacture

See how NX is the most productive modeling environment and the best integrated, collaborative design tool through watching an end-to-end workflow covering electromechanical design, mold design and analysis, through to manufacture.

NX for CAD and CAM workflows

You will be taken through an entire workflow from beginning to end as a team works with their suppliers to update and redesign an infotainment system for an electric vehicle.

Features highlighted in the video:

  • PCB editing
  • Editing design collaboration notifications
  • FLOEFD simulation
  • NX Mold Connect for sending an RFQ to suppliers
  • NX Mold Connect for sending a cost estimate back to the customer
  • NX Mold Wizard for creating a mold for the customer’s part
  • NX Additive Manufacturing for producing the mold
  • NX CAM to finish machining the mold and using 5-axis machining